St Kentigern's

R.C Primary School

Creative Arts Website updates 2021


St Kentigern’s were proud to achieve the Gold Artsmark Award 2017-2019.

We are currently striving for Platinum!

The Artsmark Award inspires us to be creative inside and outside school.

This includes dancing, participating in drama activities or being part of an audience, a wide range of visual art events and being musical! We measure the impact of these experiences on children’s academic achievements and confidence bands.  We truly believe being an Artsmark school inspires so much more than creative outcomes.  It supports children’s self-esteem and wellbeing, collaborative skills, and drives their aspirations for their bright futures ahead!


In 2019 the school’s first Creative Council was established! This has four class members from each year group to fly the flag for the creative arts! We have generated ideas for future ‘Creative Arts’ events and seen these in action with their support.  A huge success of this was school’s first Creative Aspirations Week. Pupil voice indicated they wanted to find out more about creative careers and meet these creative experts in real life!  Our Creative Council ambassadors showed our creative visitors around school as they inspired us with their creative journeys and advice for entering the world of creative careers.  This school event features on Curious Minds website so why not read the blog written by our school’s Creative Arts Leader!

Feedback from the children of Creative Aspirations Week showed some important messages being held onto:
“If you have a creative mind you can do anything!”
“You’ve inspired me to go to university and be a fashion designer!”
“Three skills needed for acting: listening, concentration and being able to work with others!”
“We achieve what we want when we work hard!”
“You need to be a problem solver and have good maths skills to be a graphic designer!”

“I didn’t realise that these jobs can be cool and fun!”

Creative Council continue to inspire the school with monthly challenges in collaboration with our wide range of cultural partnerships!  These are provided on our online learning platform Seesaw.

What’s on in Manchester!

The city we live in provides a rich and vibrant inspiration for the Creative Arts to be celebrated and enjoyed.

Here are some great ones to visit as a family!


Other great inspiration for the Creative Arts