St Kentigern's

R.C Primary School


We are extremely lucky to have an amazing 4D visual projection and sound system in school, which enables learners to learn and be inspired within any given environment from enchanted forests to medieval castles! 

Creative writing by the children has been outstanding as a direct result of writing within this engaging environment.

Learners at St Kentigern’s have visited many theatres of Manchester to enjoy live dramatic performances and fun festive pantomimes!  After school drama clubs have extended this love of the theatre and allows children to be in role and play drama games.

As a school we are extremely lucky to have a drama expert from Artis working with different year groups throughout the year. ‘Crunch’ inspired us further by participating in our ‘Creative Aspirations Week’ where he shared with us a useful set of skills and qualities needed to get into creative careers!

Year Four have been greatly enthused and inspired by their active involvement in ‘The Children’s Shakespeare Project’ for many years.  This involves the children fully entering Shakespeare’s world of comedies and tragedies where they participate in drama techniques to understand characters and events.  This eventually leads to an amazing collaborative production of one of Shakespeare’s plays at The Lowry Theatre, Salford with other schools.  ‘King Lear’ and ‘Twelfth Night’ have been some of the successes explored with some amazing drama and writing outcomes as a result.  We have some budding actors and actresses in our midst!  Northwest Drama has also provided teachers with quality training to apply drama techniques in their classrooms and improve writing and boost team working skills.

In Key Stage 1 children take part in ‘Speech-Bubbles’ which encourages children to be creative storytellers!  Drama games within sessions boost self-esteem and develop a wide range of communication skills.

Class assemblies feature drama and role play to express learning and entertain whole school and family audiences.  From Reception to Year 6, we recognise the importance of play and providing opportunities to express themselves in a variety of dramatic roles.  History is brought to life using props and our imaginations to consolidate, deepen and enjoy our learning!  Many RE lessons feature opportunities for children to role-play scenarios and deepen their understanding of scripture.