St Kentigern's

R.C Primary School

First Holy Communion Party!

We have had the most lovely Friday afternoon celebrating our First Holy Communion.

We made our First Communion back in October and this week we got our dresses and ties back in for a celebration. We reflected on our experience, had a lovely lunch, cake and a dance... Chester even joined in! 

Friday 27th November 2020

Zoom Art Lesson with the Whitworth Art Gallery!

On Wednesday year four had the pleasure of being the first school to trial a zoom art lessons with an artist and the Whitworth Art Gallery.

We tried loads of different sketching techniques with pencils and colours and developed new skills taught by the artist. They passed on a few tips such as focussing more on what you are drawing rather than your page and to have confidence and trust in your skills.

We had so much fun and we look forward to working with the Whitworth in future.

Many thanks to the Whitworth, Steven and Luke from 4KS. 


Friday 20th November 2020

Night lights!

Have a look at the amazing night lights we have made!
We have built our own night light, circuit and switches. We tried them out in the dark and look how they shine! We are so proud of them and we have worked so hard. 


Friday 13th November 2020

Autumn Photography!

This week in Computing we went on a trip around our gorgeous school grounds and the allotment with the iPads. We took some autumnal photography and then edited them. We used an app called PicCollage to edit the photos and create some lovely autumnal collages.

Below are some lovely pictures that we took and photos of us working hard. Chester even joined in on the fun.


Friday 6th November 2020

The Witches Song by William Shakespeare.

4KS have been working so hard this half term, I am so proud.

Today we read The Witches Song by Shakespeare and tried writing our own.

We put on some mood lighting, played some cauldron bubbling sounds and became our own Shakespeare’s.

Attached on the slideshow is some good examples of writing. 

Friday 23rd October 2020

First Holy Communion.

This week in 4KS some children made their First Holy Communion. 
I was so happy to be a part of your special day, I am sure you will remember it forever. 
Below are pictures of some of the gorgeous children on their special day.


Friday 16th October 2020

Our Class Assembly!

This week in 4KS we have been working so hard on our class assembly about ‘The Worst Witch’. In the picture you can see some of our stars, Miss Hardbroom, Ethel, Mildred and Maud. We are so proud of how amazing it was, the children in 4KS are so talented. Thank you all for being so great, you made me the happiest teacher today!!


Friday 9th October 2020 

Black History Month!

This week in 4KS we began learning all about Black History Month, we had some very interesting lessons and discussions.

On Thursday 1st October it marked the first day of BHM. We looked at the artist Tam Joseph who was famous for his art piece called 'School Report' which depicts self portraits and states the stereotyping he faced as black teenager. We discussed stereotyping and from this created our own art based on Tam Joseph's piece. 

Below is a display in our classroom showing our amazing work, have a look!


Friday 2nd October 2020

Creating our own circuits!

Today in 4KS we were creating our own circuits and we used different household materials to make switches, for example paper clips and card. 

Stay tuned as we are building something exciting, this is just the start...


Friday 25th September 2020

Loreto High School virtual open night!

Attached below is a link to Loreto High School's virtual open night video, I hope you get the chance to watch it :)

Setting the scene!

This term in Year 4 our book is 'The Worst Witch'

This week we did some writing describing the setting of Miss Cackle's Academy. We put the candles out, set the scene with some forrest sounds and started writing. Two wonderful examples of writing are attached. :)


Friday 19th September 2020