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Phonics Information for Parents

Phonics is a method used by all schools for teaching reading and writing. Using the programme ‘All Aboard Phonics’, phonics is taught in a structured way; starting with the easiest sounds and progressing through to the most complex. Phonics sessions are taught daily with pace and rigour and this is supported by phonics-based routines, activities and games throughout the Early Years and KS1 provision.

By the end of Nursery, all children will have engaged in phase 1 (pre-phonic skills) where they will have developed their listening skills, enabling them to orally blend and segment with confidence.

By the end of Reception, we aim for all children to have a secure understanding of Phases 2, 3, and 4 in the ‘All Aboard Phonics’ programme. Children will read and write words/sentences with phonemes they have been taught.

By the end of Year 1, we aim for all children to have completed Phase 5 and be ready to begin the National Curriculum coverage of reading and spelling upon entry into Year 2. Children in Year 1 will complete the phonics screening test in the summer term.

Any children in Year 2 who do not pass the Phonics Screening Check or who are not confident in reading words with the Phase 5 GPCs will continue to learn phonics using the previous phases. Children who need extra support with their phonics will have interventions planned and implemented using the ‘All Aboard Plus’ intervention manual.

All children will continue to develop their reading skills as they move up the school and this is supported by our school’s reading scheme. We use the 'All Aboard' decodable books for all phases and we supplement these decodable books with  ‘Phonics Bug Club’  for phases 2, 3, and 4, which is in alignment with the phonics scheme. Children on our phonics programme will bring home a decodable book, closely matched to their increasing knowledge of phonics and tricky words. Along with the decodable book, your child will bring home a library book that they have selected themselves to encourage reading for pleasure.

Phonics Screening Check Information for Parents

A Guide to Reading a Decodable Book with Your Child

As a parent, your role in helping your child learn to read is going to be crucial. Sharing books and hearing your child read every day will help to ensure that they become confident readers and develop a love of reading. 

All Aboard Home Reading App

The school uses the ‘All Aboard Home Reading App’ to help and support your child’s reading journey at home. We have found that the children who are engaged in this learning app are displaying a greater phonetic awareness and are developing key skills needed for reading. You be informed on how to access the app at the start of each academic year by your class teacher.

Phoneme Voicing and Actions Phases 2, 3 and 5