St Kentigern's

R.C Primary School

Mission Statement

“We learn and pray, in faith and love”

At St Kentigern’s we pride ourselves on being a happy, caring, and welcoming community, where the learning environment and the wide range of opportunities offered, help every child reach their full potential and make the most of the gifts and talents given to them by God. Our dedicated and committed team of staff and governors work together to make sure that the children in our care are a respected part of our Catholic community, one where they feel valued and secure.

Our chaplaincy team had the very important task of creating a new mission statement for our school. Every child in the school created a hand with five words they associate with our school. Together the team chose the top five re-occurring words and made three mission statements which were delivered to the Head Teacher and the governors. They selected the final mission statement which our team beautifully worded:

“We learn and pray, in faith and love.”

We aim to thread faith and love throughout our school family,  guiding each other in our work and our spiritual journey.