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 We call someone a saint if they were a very good person who helped other people and showed them how God wants us to live. 

St. Kentigern lived hundreds of years ago and was also known as Mungo.  He was the first Bishop (in charge of all the priests) in Glasgow in Scotland.  He sent lots of holy men called monks to tell everyone in Scotland, then other countries (Norway and Iceland) all about God and Jesus. 

When we see pictures of St. Kentigern, he is usually carrying a bell, which was given to him by the Pope, who is the leader of the Church. St. Kentigern used the bell when he said Mass for the people.  

There are many other stories about St. Kentigern and miracles. One story tells us that his teacher’s favourite bird, a robin, was killed accidentally by a pupil. The pupils all blamed St. Kentigern but rather than be cross, he took the robin in his hands, blew on it and it came back to life! This robin can be found on our school crest!

 On the 13th January every year, it is St. Kentigern’s feast day, which means it is a time we remember him and all the good things he did.