St Kentigern's

R.C Primary School


St Kentigern's children have been chosen to pilot the new P.A.L. (Playground Activity Leader) scheme before it's introduced to all schools across Manchester in the new year.  The training is being delivered in partnership with the Manchester Schools PE Association and involves the new leaders to engage more children to be active on the school playground. Well done to Mr Ching and the year 4 children chosen to participate in this programme. Below are some images of their first training session.


Basketball Competition  2nd Round

Following on from last weeks success in our basketball virtual competition, our year 5 and 6 children participated in the 2nd round of challenges. The 2nd round of challenges consisted of a fast pace lay up challenge, and dribbling slalom. The children have spent their lunch times practicing with our coaches  to master the footwork necessary to make a good lay up and their hard work was evident when the challenge started. The children were challenged to see how many lay ups they could score out of ten at fast pace. In year 6 we had some children scoring 9/10 and others not far behind. In year 5 we had children scoring as high as 7/10. These are fantastic scores for anybody not just children, I've played basketball all my life and still miss some now! The second challenge was the dribbling slalom. This was another fast pace challenge involving dribbling in and out of six cones as many times as they could in 60 seconds. This was another area which the children have worked on with our amazing coaches at lunchtime and the scorers were amazing. The results will now be added to last weeks challenges to get an overall score for each child to see who the overall winners are. There is also a prize for the most improved and the winners will be announced next week so please look on the sports blog to see the results.



Basketball Virtual Competition

This week our year 5 and 6 children competed in a skill based virtual competition. St Kentigern's have always competed in a vast range of sports and competitions until the recent pandemic causing all school competitions to be cancelled. Manchester PE Association have found a way to allow schools to find a new way to compete and demonstrate the skills and talents of our children. The first one is basketball and on Tuesday year 5 took part in there skills challenge competition and yesterday, year 6 competed in theirs. The results were fantastic and the level of ability of our children was superb. The challenges continue next week and the results for our school will be announced on the 2nd of December . Below are some pictures  taken during the first challenges.... 

Mr Ching's Sports Blog


This week in PE

Through no fault of their own, children's activity levels across the nation hit an all-time low during the lockdown. The start of our school year has shown that our children at St Kentigern's are raring to go when it comes to PE and sport. After our introduction to PE in the first week of school, the children have worked extremely hard to get their active lifestyles back on track. 

We provide opportunities for our children to be as active as possible during the school day, not just in PE but in our lunchtime provision. We have added a new group of qualified sports coaches through our partnership with Manchester University to provide a wide variety of sports each day for every year group. This has enabled us to reach amazing levels of activity during lunchtime. This week on average we have had 85% of all pupils involved in sports activities at lunchtime for at least 20 minutes or more. Not only is this invaluable to their well being but it promotes good mental health in the form of friendship, pride, self-belief and confidence. We will continue to strive to provide excellent opportunities for all of our children to live happy and healthy lifestyles.


 Our school has a history of success in school games competitions and we have always had a huge variety of teams in which the children can join. In these unprecedented times, the School Games Competitions are now virtual. This means that instead of competing with other schools at central venues or home and away games, the competitions will be virtual whereby the competitions will be personal best challenges and skill session challenges. I understand though that our children love competing and therefore I am hoping to have intra school competitions within the year group bubbles providing we can follow all guidance safely.