St Kentigern's

R.C Primary School

We are proud to have established a 'Mini Vinnies' group at St Kentigern's! 
This group is made up of 10 children from KS2 who work together on making lives better for the school, the parish and the world community. Mini Vinnies has been developed from the Society of St Vincent De Paul and has a mission to  "turn concern into action".  As a group we see who needs help in the world, think about how we can help and then do something about. 
We meet after school once a week to plan together on how we can reach out to the people in need in our community! 
Autumn 2023
This year,  to begin our Mini Vinnie group, we needed to select  new members for our school. In order to to so,  a range of children applied to be members of Mini Vinnies through an application process  where they wrote a letter expressing how they wish to help in the community.  As a result, 10 children where appointed as Mini Vinnies for the rest of their time at St Kentigern's. 
After the appointment of our new Mini Vinnie members, this year's group  have already started great work on turning their concern into action.
During September, our  Mini Vinnies , helped out with our Macmillan Cake Sale at school, helping to  raise awareness of what we were doing as a school to raise money for cancer support and too helping to sell cakes during our coffee morning. 
As we enter October, the members of the group have worked collaboratively  with our Rights Respecting Team to create  travelling rosary bags for each class to remember Mary during this month. The purpose of the bags made, are for children in each class at school to pray the Rosary at home together as a family if they wish to do so during this special month. 
Following on this term, members of our group represented our school  by attending a ' Hope in the Future' event where they gathered with other schools to praise and worship, share ideas , listen to inspiring speakers and reflect on how they can be ' Ambassadors for  Christ' in our school and wider community.
As you can see, our Mini Vinnies group has been working hard at outliving our school scripture  to "let all that you do , be done in love" (1 Corinthians 16:14)