St Kentigern's

R.C Primary School


We love working with a range of artist materials such as paint, oil pastels, clay and
printing inks!  Our teachers plan engaging art experiences which often involve trips
to art galleries or inviting local artists into school to work with the children. We see art
as a way for learners to share their imaginations, broaden their understanding of the
world and how we look at it, and as a means to express themselves.


After-school Art clubs are always highly attended, with some fantastic outcomes! 
We have worked with artists from Z-Arts and The Whitworth Art Gallery. St
Kentigern’s now provides creative extra-curricular clubs led by ‘Tactile Arts’. We
have had year groups taking part in workshops or projects led by The Whitworth for
numerous years now, and our most recent project with them sees our Year 5 pupils
creating gallery resources for other visitors to the gallery! Their ideas and plans
came to life with the help of graphic designers and creative experts to actually turn

their ideas into a tangible learning resource for children!


When trips to art galleries are planned they include hands-on workshops for the
children to work alongside working artists and specialists from printmakers to
sculptors! Some trips have featured exploring huge sculptures in the great outdoors

at The Yorkshire Sculpture Park!


Teachers have attended ‘Studio Nights’ at The Whitworth Art Gallery as a means to
build on their own art skills and apply them in their classrooms.  We hope to attend
lots more in the future and love feeling part of The Whitworth’s learning community.


School has hosted art events such as ‘Christmas Crafts’ for families and St
Kentigern’s Art Gallery displaying children’s artwork to purchase throughout school!
We explore a wide range of artists to inspire our own art outcomes: local, British,

BAME and international.